Marcus F. Zelezny (Austria)

Member of the History of Aviation and Cosmonautics Section of the St Petersburg Branch of the Institute of the History of Science and Technology of the Russian Academy of Sciences since 27 November 2020

Was born on 29 April 1961 in Vienna, Austria.

Graduated from secondary modern school for Aeronautical Engineering in Vienna, military service at airfield Brumowski, learned to glide and studied at the Technical University in Vienna Mechanical Engineering with main focus on lightweight design, and earned a Master and Doctoral (PhD) degree there.

Professional activity: Working since 2005 for a big Canadian Software company as industry expert for Energy and Natural Resources, active in CIS and CEE countries. During multiple business trips over the last 10 years visiting Russian customers, I also enjoyed visiting Kaluga (Tsiolkovsky museum) and Moscow (Monino, space museums)

Research interests: Since 2007 I’m researching the history of aviation with a focus on “Early Aviation”, “Development of Civil Aviation” and “Technological Milestones in Aviation”.

My particular research interests regarding “Russian Imperial Air Force” (I’m pretty new in this topic) is the documentation of captured Russian airplanes by Austro-Hungarian forces. This is a recently started research project, where for me it is very important to get the view of both sides – the Russian and the Austro-Hungarian one, knowing more details about involved Russian airmen, their biographies, the missions they flew and the aviation units they served with! Currently I already could identify around 25 Russian airplanes.

Also interested in Russian aviation scientist sand research institutions (Nikolay Zhukovsky, TsAGI) and early days of Russian rocketry.

I’m founding member of an informal group – “The Aviatic Salon” – with the objective of documenting the aviation-relevant techno-cultural heritage in a holistic way and of inspiring a broader public on topics related to the history of aviation. Among them are aircraft historians, collectors, aircraft builders and pilots from Austria, Italy, Germany, the Czech Republic, Slovenia, Croatia, Poland and Great Britain.

Beside researching parts of the history of aviation, I also like to hike and enjoyed vacations in Russia, visiting Lake Baikal, Altai Mountains, Kamchatka peninsula and Franz Joseph’s land.

List of publications:


  1. Zelezny, M.F. Pilot diplomas of the Austrian Aero-Club – Owners, commissioners & regulations (1910-1919) [bilingual German/English]. – Vienna, 2019, 72 p.;
  2. Zelezny, M.F. & Mayrhofer, K. Cockpit clocks – Cockpit equipment of Austro-Hungarian aeroplanes [bilingual German/English]. – Vienna, 2019, 42 p.;
  3. Zelezny, M.F. & Reiterer, Ch. Patriotic aviation badges – Badges and Memorabilia of Austrian Aviation (1882-1918) [bilingual German/English]. – Vienna, 2019, 40 p.


  1. Zelezny, M.F. Nach mehr als 100 Jahren wieder vereint [Reunited after more than 100 years] // «öfh Nachrichten», 4/2020, pp.17-21;
  2. Zelezny, M.F. «Franz Seidl: Rad- und Automobilrennfahrer, Pilot und Fluglehrer [Franz Seidl: cyclist and car racing driver, pilot and flight instructor]» // «öfh Nachrichten», 3/2020, pp.24-27;
  3. Zelezny, M.F. Die ersten Passagierflüge, erster hoher Besuch und erste aviatische Wettbewerbe 1910 in Österreich [The first passenger flights, first high-ranking visitors and first aviation competitions in Austria in 1910] // «öfh Nachrichten», 1/2020, pp.17-24;
  4. Zelezny, M.F. Eine Kaiser-Huldigung: Adolf Warchalowskis Flug am 18. August 1910 über Wien [A homage to the emperor: Adolf Warchalowski’s flight over Vienna on 18 August 1910] // «öfh Nachrichten», 4/2019, pp.4-9;
  5. Zelezny, M.F. Der Propeller-Prüfstand in Fischamend [Propeller test stand in Fischamend] // From the book: «Die k.u.k. Aeronautische Anstalt Fischamend [The Royal & Imperial Aeronautical Institute Fischamend]». – Vienna, 2011, pp.73-74.
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